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Résumé Services

Why choose The River City Group?

When we introduced our line of comprehensive résumé development services several years ago, The River City Group began by assembling a stable of uniquely qualified artisans. Ten years later, we continue to employ writers who are creative, intuitive and skilled, and have over 50 years of combined professional writing experience to substantiate their credentialing. Today, we continue to set the standard for exceptional résumé writing in South Texas.

Prior to the launch of this service, we set out to survey the existing résumé services landscape…to see if we could find our niche. We did, and it is simply to design the finest in interview generating documents, without screaming at you or implying apocalyptic scenarios await you for choosing not to purchase our services. Shopping for a résumé writing service should not fill you with anxiety and dread, but rather, set you at ease as you learn that you have a partner in helping you to achieve your employment goals. When you order a résumé from The River City Group, you are purchasing a one-to-one relationship with your writer. You are purchasing confidential and candid dialogue designed to shed light on all those really cool skills and attributes you weren’t sure were important to your job seeking success. Ultimately though, we will not let you purchase anything, until you are happy with our work.

In order to remain at the cutting edge of a dynamic industry, we keep a watchful eye on the latest in local and national hiring trends, invest substantial time in client-specific research, and monitor advances in recruiting practices to ensure your résumé is written and formatted in ways that make it meaningful and accessible to hiring professionals. We couple these strategies with our unique access to Human Resource managers who share their thoughts on résumés and cover letters that capture their attention.

So, what is a résumé anyway?

According to the smart people who write for Merriam Webster, the word has its roots in the French past participle for résumer, and in essence, means: a summary. Fascinating, eh? I don’t think so either. Let’s just refer to it as: a brief history. As with most things in life, a résumé needs to have balance. The aesthetic appeal should not be subordinated to the content, or vice versa. Hence, and hopefully without overstating it, we try to strike a balance between a Hemingway-esque economy-of-words approach to content, and Claude Monet-like appeal to the visual senses. Basically, this means eliminating, or at least minimizing redundancy, utilizing industry-specific action verbs and technical terms, and ideally, describing your impact on the company’s bottom line. All of this, while simultaneously employing sufficient use of white space to make it easy to read, integrating multiple fonts and point sizes to provide contrast, and selectively using italics and boldface to get words and phrases to “pop” up from the document.

Do I really need a cover letter?

Of course not, unless you actually want someone to read that fancy résumé you just submitted. If nothing else, attaching a personalized cover letter lets the recipient know that you put down that sandwich long enough to Google the organization they work for, learn what they do, and learn their name and title. A well-crafted and sufficiently researched cover letter allows you to personalize the process and tie your credentials to the organization’s needs. You may not need us to write it, but you do need one, unique to each recipient. Human Resource and recruiting professionals are (much like you, I’m sure) typically overworked, underpaid and so tightly scheduled that their calendars are stretched to the point of resembling a Buddy Guy guitar string. That’s really tight, for all you non-blues-loving job seekers. What does this mean for you? It means that you have less than 30 seconds to capture their attention and avoid the shredder or delete key. Consequently, an organized, descriptive, visually appealing résumé and cover letter combination that is deftly targeted at the position they need to fill can get you in front of a decision maker. We need to make it easy for them. Ready? Well, put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee, and give us a call. Let’s get busy!

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