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Updated March 19, 2020
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Résumé Services Pricing

We have endeavored to make our résumé and cover letter prices equitable for all parties, and that includes you – the one shelling out the cash.  Bear in mind, all of the documents that we craft are, as we like to say, baked from scratch.  Just like Grandma’s biscuits, a lot of love and hard work goes into each one.  This means we don’t use templates, and we don’t use cheap résumé writing software.  We are wholly capable of being creative each time we sit down to write.  We have also tried to simplify the pricing structure by basing it largely upon work experience, as opposed to strictly assigning prices as per your current occupational status or title; or, by use of dart and dartboard.  The fact of the matter is that we don’t find it any more challenging to describe the CFO’s impact on quarterly reporting mechanisms and how that drives shareholder perceptions, than describing how your job as a Tobin Theater usher relates to your upcoming career in pharmaceutical sales – it just takes longer.  I’m not making that up.

All résumés and associated documents are prepared with Microsoft Word, the industry standard.  Should you want them (and you should), PDF conversions are available at no charge.  If you live in the San Antonio area and can come by our offices, we will burn the documents onto a complimentary flash drive for you.  Upon request, five paper copies, laser printed on 24-pound cotton-bond paper will also be provided to our local customers free of charge.  Out of town customers need only pay a small shipping and handling charge for paper copies.  Or, go to Kinko’s.

Military Conversion Résumés

For our friends who are, or were in the military, a 5% discount applies to all résumé and cover letter versions.  Let us help you move from the uniquely acronym-heavy language of armed services-speak, to a language more easily understood by the general, aka (irony intentional) civilian populace.  And, let us thank you for your service.

Recent And Pending Graduates Résumé | 2 Years or Less Experience

We know you are broke, or in debt…or both. Hence, a little mercy.

So I’ve Made It Out Of Door-To-Door Hell Résumé! | 3 to 5 Years Experience

Steak knives, frozen meat, coupon books, vacuums. It matters not what you tried to sell us, as long as you’ve worked 3-5 years, and promise to do something else.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter detailing why you are the best thing since Spotify.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that sells you – for a change.

The Serenity Prayer Résumé | 6 to 10 Years Experience

Please (insert deity name here), I’ve had ample opportunity to develop patience, tolerance, and humility. May we now move on?

I’ve Been Working For A While Résumé | 11 to 15 Years Experience

Lord knows, 11 to 15 years at some jobs can seem like an eternity.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter, fortune cookie, and cereal-box compass to inform your path.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that describes why you are the best thing since the Foo Fighters.

Will I Ever Be Able To Retire? Résumé | 16 to 20 Years Experience

The short answer would be: probably not.  You already have 16 to 20 years under your belt.  Why not land a job that makes it tolerable?

Sallie Mae Résumé | 20+ Years Experience

I haven’t even paid off my college loans, and now I’m paying for my kids’ tuition?!

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that says I, and only I, can take your organization to the next level – and maybe retire here.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that can be adapted for bill collectors.

Executive Résumé Services

I’m Almost There Résumé

For less than the cost of 1 BMW payment…you are Senior Management, a business owner, a NASA employee seeking a transition to Space X.

I’m Already There, But Might Not Be For Much Longer Résumé

I paid cash for my BMW.  More than 1, in fact.  I am a recognized Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, VP, President) with the credibility to move an organization and its people forward.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that details why your accomplishments and ideas are more valuable than the other 20 people the headhunter recommended.

For résumé and reference page.

For a cover letter that tells them what they should already know.

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