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Vocational Rehabilitation FAQs

What are your hours of operation?
M-F, 8:30 AM to 5 PM.  That said, we are also able to accommodate after hours and weekend job coaching or interview schedules.
How long have you been in business?
Since March 17th, 1995.
Where are you located?

We are located outside loop 410 in the large building behind Chili’s and Wells Fargo Bank. On the 2nd floor, take a left turn out of the elevator and another left turn to the hall. We are the last door at the end of the straightaway. We are conveniently located on VIA’s #9 bus line, and a short 2 block walk from the 550/551 Loop 410 lines as well.

Is there a cost for your vocational rehabilitation services?
Only if we don’t like you.  Just kidding!  If you have an active case with TWC-VRS there is no cost for our services.  If you do not have an active case, see below.
Will you work with someone who does not have an open case with TWC-VRS?
Yes, we will.  We can help you get services through TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and we also work with Medicaid, AACOG, and the Social Security Administration.  We also accept private-pay referrals as long there is no active case with TWC-VRS.
How long will it take you to find me a job?
We get this one a lot.  The truth of the matter is that we don’t know, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being completely honest with you.  There are a number of factors that affect job search timelines: your abilities, skills, limitations, level of education, availability, transportation, childcare needs, motivation, and your level of self-confidence.  Are you qualified to do the work you want to do?  Are there job openings in your chosen career field, and if so, how much competition do you face?  Do you have an arrest or incarceration record?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median duration for a job search as of August, 2016 is 11.2 weeks.  Take this information, and consider the factors above to arrive at your own best estimate.
What employers do you work with?
Most of them.  Private sector, public sector, small businesses, and large corporations all populate our job placement reports.  Professional services, administrative support, labor, hospitality, medical, environmental services, retail, skilled trades, manufacturing, logistics, and food service opportunities are all reflected in our employer database.
Habla español?
Si, hablamos español.  And Russian (yes, really).  And English.

Résumé Services FAQs

How long have you been writing résumés?
Since 1995.  It’s easier than getting a novel published.
How many résumés have you written?
Over 1000.
What types of résumés do you write?
Pretty much anything you can imagine. Professional, executive, military conversion, internships, and working class documents are all within our wheelhouse. We are adept with crafting functional, chronological, combination, and graphic formats. We also endeavor to stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry with regard to content, layout, style, and aesthetics. Resume styles evolve at roughly the same rate as cellphone technologies, which is to say that what was cool 20 years ago, isn’t so cool now.
How does the process work?
Preferably, we can meet in person to begin the process.  We will discuss your current and prior work experience (if any), your education and credentials, your employment aspirations, your employer targets, and how you plan to use the resume.  These factors all inform the writing process, and the more we know about you, the better we can help you to attain your goals.  After this meeting you will receive a quote, a very reasonable one I might add, and a timeline for completion.  When you come back in we will thoroughly review your draft and make any necessary changes.  Since we’re pretty close to perfect, this doesn’t typically take too long.  But just to be safe, plan on about an hour.  If you prefer, we need never look at one another and can work just as effectively, remotely.
Can you give me a quote over the phone?
Nope. At least not without having seen the scope of work.
So, how long have you been writing résumés?
Stop asking that.
What makes your résumé services better than the other guys’?

We keep all of our résumé writers in small pens and feed them nothing but pages from Roget’s Thesaurus. No, no, no – it’s simply because we’re smart, have a collective sense of humor, and most importantly, we leave the sarcasm off your resume. Oh, and my mom was an English teacher.

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