The River City Group Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Response
Updated March 19, 2020
Learn about the changes we have implemented because of Coronavirus Disease. Contact us for more details.
A 15-hour RCG authored course dedicated to discovering and applying effective interpersonal communication techniques, identifying universally sought after work habits, exploring ethical dilemmas in the workplace, practicing sound decision making, and investigating how conduct affects job security.  This course is highly recommended for new workers, and clients who have had difficulty maintaining employment – through no fault of their own, of course.
A 10-hour RCG course that lays the foundation for job search by exploring how personality, interests, and values inform occupational choices and an employee’s prospects for success.  By tapping into KeneXa’s behavioral and skills testing instruments we assist our clients with meaningful self-discovery.  The KeneXa Prove It! Occupational Personality Inventory provides our clients with powerful insight into how their actual, and frequently undiscovered interests align with local workforce opportunities.  We recommend this course for individuals who are changing career fields, or who simply don’t know what they want to do yet.
A 10-hour RCG primer that replicates common on-boarding processes and orients the client to employer expectations, workplace safety (OSHA), and company policies like sexual harassment and attendance, among others.  Time is also dedicated to learning about payroll deductions, and choosing whether or not to explain or disclose disability needs as a precursor to seeking accommodations.  Another course recommended for those who lack substantial work experience, and want to be the smartest person in the room during new-hire orientation.
A 20-hour ODEP defined course that provides a comprehensive look into the viability and efficacy of disclosing one’s disability to a potential employer.  Understanding self-determination, advantages and disadvantages of disclosure, rights and responsibilities, and potential accommodations are all thoroughly analyzed, discussed, and mapped for our clients.  With disclosure, timing is everything, and here we learn when to speak up – or not.

A comprehensive 30-hour, 14-module FDIC authored curriculum designed to assist individuals in accessing and interacting with the financial system.  Building credit, setting up bank accounts, managing debt, saving money, protecting one’s identity, and credit recovery strategies are some of the topics covered.  Recommended for individuals who need to develop or refine their money management skills – before it’s too late

This 20-hour ODEP program is designed for transition youth aged 22 and younger.  Much like our other Soft Skills offering, coursework focuses on commonly undervalued skills that can inoculate clients against early job loss: verbal and nonverbal communication, enthusiasm and attitude, professionalism, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and appropriate responses to constructive criticism.  This course is recommended for young workers who actually want to keep that next job.
A 10-hour RCG defined curriculum that assists clients in learning how to best utilize VIA’s public transportation infrastructure.  Reading bus schedules, plotting travel routes using Google Maps, purchasing bus passes, understanding fares, and how to use transfers are covered in detail.  At the conclusion of the course, this newly acquired knowledge is put into practice when our client and trainer embark on an actual bus ride.  If you’ve ever hopped on a bus to get to North Star Mall, and ended up at Rivercenter Mall, this course just might be for you.

Well, there are a number of reasons actually, but to keep you from Googling dancing hamsters, we’ll limit this discussion to four.


Whether our clients are entering the job market for the first time, or are making a career change mid-stream, the tested occupational exploration components of VAT can be an invaluable tool for ensuring they set forth on the right path.  Accordingly, The River City Group has partnered withKeneXa Prove It! an IBM company that provides an array of skills and personality testing instruments for many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.  The KeneXa testing batteries are commonly used during the employer’s prescreening phase to determine whether or not an applicant possesses the skills and personality traits necessary for success in a particular position or role within the hiring company.  At RCG, we use these validated instruments to explore the viability of our client’s employment goals, establish competency baselines for specific job functions, e.g. Microsoft Word, and to assess an individual’s suitability for specific positions within a cross-section of the local economy.  As a component of our goal setting seminars, occupational exploration encompasses identifying our clients’ skills, personal attributes, and previously developed worker traits as part of what can best be described as a profile-building endeavor.  Emphasis is not only placed on identifying skills developed through traditional means such as work experience, post-secondary education, and high school based work programs, but also on recognizing the value of additional skills cultivated through nontraditional learning venues such as volunteer work and home-based learning.


Communication in the workplace or perhaps a lack thereof, is frequently the root cause of problems that can result in lack of job satisfaction, resignation, or worse: termination from employment.  RCG devotes a significant amount of time to seminars and activities designed to help our clients understand how fundamentally important the art of listening can be to their long-term success.  Clients participate in group communication exercises intended to foster an appreciation for the value of collaboration and transparency in workplace exchanges, whether written or verbal.


An individual’s confidence is often the first part of their self-image to take the plunge when they lose a job or have difficulty obtaining a job, especially if this experience has been disability related.  We understand this because as individuals with disabilities, we have lived it.  Consequently, time is invested in helping our clients to understand that their experiences are not necessarily unique, and that many others have successfully navigated these waters before them.  By helping our clients to realize this, we can assist them in regaining that feeling of possibility and promise.


Ironically, whether an individual has never worked, or has worked for twenty years they may share the same lack of appreciation for what an employer truly wants from an employee.  Our personal favorite line of the disgruntled worker, the “it’s not my job” syndrome, is addressed as a part of our series of interactive lectures on workplace behaviors and worker attributes.  Things like taking initiative, working as part of a team, and working with integrity are all discussed in this part of the training.

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