The River City Group Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Response
Updated March 19, 2020
Learn about the changes we have implemented because of Coronavirus Disease. Contact us for more details.

Job Readiness Training

RiverWorks is designed for those individuals who are self-motivated, and for the most part, capable of advocating for themselves in today’s highly competitive job market. The ideal RiverWorks candidate has established a set of obtainable goals, but will still benefit from having an extra pair of eyes trained on the job market. Seminar dates and times vary, so please check our calendar page or call for details.


Resumes and Cover Letters

Resume development services, where necessary, begin with a thorough analysis of our clients’ specific and transferable skills, utilize the agreed upon vocational goal (IPE) as a targeting mechanism, and are designed to present our clients in the most flattering manner possible. A professional resume and cover letter germane to each client’s vocational objective are provided at the end of training, along with a matching reference page.



Clients are instructed in filling out job applications in the manner preferred by employers, and e.applicationare provided with a representative sampling of paper and electronic application forms to complete. They are assisted in devising positive answers to difficult questions such as those regarding disability, extended periods of unemployment, and when necessary, past incarceration or arrest issues. Additionally, with the advent of electronic hiring practices, many employers have included web-based personality profiles as a component of the initial screening process. These tests are used to screen applicants for undesirable work traits like risk-taking, dishonesty, illegal drug use and poor decision-making. Frequently, well-intentioned applicants who do not possess the aforementioned traits still get caught in this net, preventing their credentials from ever reaching someone with hiring authority. The River City Group’s professional trainers assist our clients in navigating these often treacherous waters.


Interview Techniques

Ultimately, a thoughtfully completed job application and an impressive resume are only enough to get our clients in front of the hiring entity. Insufficient interviewing skills will not allow the applicant to move the process forward and attain the ultimate goal, a job offer. Accordingly, our clients are instructed in effective interviewing techniques via modalities that include role playing, question and answer sessions, and peer and trainer reviewed, digitally recorded mock interviews. Proven methods for dealing with problematic employment issues are addressed in both the application and interview training processes, and are based upon EEOC and ADA guidelines.


Network Development & Job Search

Clients are assisted with job search activities and job placement by utilizing an array of search tools, including interviews arranged with The River City Group’s employer contacts. We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive network of resources that may include: former employers; friends, neighbors and family members; local Job Fairs; web-based employment sites; state or federally managed electronic bulletin boards; local e-classified listings; and yes, the good old cold call. Client progress is tracked throughout job search in order to measure progress, review goals, and if necessary, modify our approach.

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