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Updated March 19, 2020
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Historical Perspective

The River City Group is a private employment consulting firm dedicated to securing meaningful employment opportunities for historically disadvantaged adult populations.

Our identifying slogan, “Nontraditional Employment Solutions” is indicative of the philosophy we adhere to when articulating our message to area employers. RCG was formed in 1995 by a team of dedicated employment professionals who saw an ongoing need for proactive intervention on behalf of individuals who were not trained to, or were unable to advocate for themselves in today’s highly competitive job market. It is our fundamental belief that the most effective mechanism for helping our clients reach their potential is to give them the tools to advocate for themselves. This philosophy is manifest in the RCG pre-employment training programs which address not only typical job seeking strategies like resume development and interviewing techniques, but focus on more radical concepts like effective communication skills, building self-esteem, resolving conflict, and working in a team environment.

Since our inception, RCG has successfully placed over fifteen hundred individuals in competitive employment situations appropriate to their skills and abilities. Our diverse pool of clients includes individuals with cognitive, intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities, housing or financial disadvantages, educational deficits, incarceration records, and at risk youth.

The River City Group currently maintains working relationships with over 100 locally active public and private employers, a variety of State and Federal agencies, including the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, The Texas Department of Aging and Disability, attorneys and representatives practicing before Administrative Law Judges in Social Security Administrative Hearings, and non profit trade organizations in need of occupational consultants.

Our placement rate for nontraditional employees consistently exceeds 80% with a job retention rate in excess of 80%. We have, and will continue to provide the cutting edge ideas and service that generate successful employment outcomes for our clients in a dynamic and highly competitive labor market.

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